hims vs roman

hims vs roman

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

It’s the feared expression around town that everybody is murmuring in quieted tones. Erectile dysfunction, the worst thing about men all over the place. However, what genuinely right?

Erectile dysfunction alludes to the powerlessness to accomplish or keep an erection that is appropriate to engage in sexual relations.

Once in a while referred to similarly as “ED,” it is one of the most well-known sexual issues that men in the US experience. The Urology Care Foundation appraises that 30 million men in the US experience the ill effects of erectile dysfunction.

There are a few reasons for erectile dysfunction, which is the reason endless men of various ages and foundations can encounter the condition. Since erectile dysfunction is an issue related with the demonstration of lovemaking, numerous men think that its humiliating to manage and hard to discuss.

Fortunately, there are numerous protected, viable, and attentive treatment choices accessible. In this article, we’ll think about Hims versus Roman versus other online alternatives.

Common Treatments

Probably the most well-known treatments for erectile dysfunction fall under the drug name Sildenafil with its most popular structure being a little blue pill that passes by the name of Viagra, which is pervasive in mainstream society as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. There are numerous other pill marks that can be taken to treat this condition, for example, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra, which utilize marginally unexpected base meds in comparison to Sildenafil.

Past erectile dysfunction pills, there are other treatment strategies, for example, suppositories or infusions. In cases that warrant it, your PCP may even prescribe hormone treatment to address your erectile dysfunction. Obviously, it’s critical to talk with your PCP about any issues that may be causing your ED – including hypertension or stoutness.

Whatever the reason for your erectile dysfunction, there is a wealth of treatment choices accessible. Progressively, these treatments are even available on the web. Peruse on to study which erectile dysfunction pill or treatment is best for you – and how to get it with the snap of your mouse.

Hims vs Roman vs BlueChew

Basically, these three brands are fundamentally the same as—and are thus appropriate for this examination article.

Hims, Roman and BlueChew are for the most part online-based membership administrations—you join and afterward get logically demonstrated treatments for erectile dysfunction conveyed to your entryway.

Notice what I referenced? They are largely deductively demonstrated.

Brother, I understand what it resembles.

Your email spam organizer is most likely brimming with pills asserting to either make your penis greater or harder. You just need to type the words ‘penis pills’ into Google, and you’ll have endless supply of tablet offers—all encouraging the world.

The issue is, the majority of these are finished rubbish.

These ‘supernatural occurrence’ pills regularly contain fixings that are not any more compelling than fake treatments. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that they do incorporate some valuable mixes, they’re commonly underdosed to the point that they wouldn’t mix the masculinity of a mouse.

This is the place where the Hims versus Roman v BlueChew fight increases present expectations—their erectile dysfunction treatments are so powerful, and sponsored by peer-research, that they’re recommended by specialists around the world.

specialist doing investigate

You read that right.

Online ED Treatment Options from Roman and Hims 

Fortunately the prescriptions Hims and Roman can recommend you for erectile dysfunction (“ED”) are FDA affirmed – Sildenafil (the dynamic fixing in Viagra(R)) and Tadalafil (conventional Cialis(R)). Once more, you’ll need to finish an easy online specialist’s encounter with either organization’s authorized clinical experts (significantly less humiliating than really talking face to face with somebody about your condition!) But, once more, in the event that you are contemplating whether Roman or Hims offer real erectile dysfunction treatments, the appropriate response is truly, these are genuine medications that work for most men.


Obviously, you additionally need to know whether the prescriptions are protected. Fortunately, the meds that the organizations offer have been all around examined and are commonly viewed as safe for sound men. For instance, an examination zeroed in on Tadalafil (that is the nonexclusive Cialis), distributed in European Urology stated, “Tadalafil at portions of 5, 10, or 20mg taken varying up to once every day for 18 to two years was protected and very much endured. These discoveries uphold the drawn out utilization of tadalafil in the clinical administration of erectile dysfunction.” And in the event that you are more intrigued by the conventional Viagra, (the dynamic fixing is “Sildenafil”), a clinical report about Sildenafil found, “In this 4-year, open-name study, there was a low rate of antagonistic occasions that brought about measurement change or suspension, and most proceeding with members were happy with sildenafil treatment for their ED.” In non-clinical communicate in language, the two medications were all around endured by the men in the investigation with negligible, and minor, results. Also, they worked for most men in those examinations.

Another intriguing thing that the two organizations can do is that they can recommend various portions of the erectile dysfunction pills than what the FDA has explicitly endorsed. This is now and again called “off mark,” and all it implies is that the FDA has endorsed the medication, yet that the specialist is utilizing it in an unexpected manner in comparison to the specific endorsement. For instance, In this particular case, the doctors may recommend sequential dosages of Sildenafil than the 25, 50 and 100 mg portions that the FDA has right now endorsed. Thus, these specialists will have a ton of adaptability in helping you get the correct measurements to battle your ED. What’s more, since they can get you conventional adaptations, you can set aside a ton of cash versus purchasing the brand names.

Where to Buy Erectile Dysfunction Medication Online

Since you comprehend why ED happens, we should discuss how erectile dysfunction prescription can help.

The four fundamental assortments of ED medication are:

Sildenafil (Viagra)

Avanafil (Stendra)

Tadalafil (Cialis)

Vardenafil (Levitra)

These medications work by improving blood stream to the penis during times of sexual excitement. These medications are assessed to be powerful in delivering an erection in about 70% of men. Sildenafil is by a wide margin the most mainstream, as it has been available the longest and its results and associations are notable and perceived. The entirety of the online medical services stages we will examine offer Sildenafil as an alternative.

With everything taken into account, any of these four medications have are powerful for the treatment of ED, however your primary care physician will have the option to assist you with figuring out which explicit one is best for you. For instance, a portion of Cialis can really be taken day by day instead of just before sex. These are the differentiations your PCP will assist you with figuring out.

The subsequent stage is finding the best stage to talk with a specialist and gaining admittance to the treatment you need. We’ll investigate the absolute most mainstream stages beneath.

How To Get ED Treatments Online?

We live in another advanced reality where everything is only a single tick away. It’s just regular that erectile dysfunction MEDs among others are made accessible for internet requesting.

With GetRoman, ForHims, and BlueChew you can have a discussion with authorized doctors online who can give you a precise determination and treatment plan without you expecting to take off from the house.

Numerous men consider ED as a humiliating ailment and examining it with their medical care supplier can cause a ton of nervousness. By utilizing a telemedicine organization, similar to Roman, hims, or BlueChew you can have this discussion at the comfort of your home. Sometimes, you simply need to round out a wellbeing poll and erectile dysfunction pills are sent your direction.

Having said that, it’s essential to take note of that not all locales professing to give online medical services interviews are genuine. That is the reason you should be extremely cautious while getting ED treatment plans on the web.

With the organizations examined in this article, we did the legwork for our perusers and we can unhesitatingly say that forhims.com, getroman.com, and bluechew.com give dependable admittance to proficient medical care and ED pills on the web.

Hims vs Roman

This brand chose to control away from the current cliché erectile dysfunction victim and give its items a lot more extensive allure.

In 2017, Andrew Dudam established this organization. Commencing with $7M of funding venture, this person adopted another strategy.

Dudam was irritated that by far most of erection enhancers were focused on more established folks—when, in truth, men of any age were battling with limp dicks. He said that most pill suppliers utilized the accompanying segment:

“For a truly prolonged stretch of time you’d think about a prosperous white male. He’s 65, he’s turning gray.”

Thus, to battle this segregation, Dudam established an online asset focusing on men somewhere in the range of 20 and 55 years who had erectile dysfunction.

This organization offers a wide range of demonstrated answers for erectile dysfunction. In conference with your online doctor, you have the decision between:

Viagra: a marked type of sildenafil.

Nonexclusive sildenafil.

Cialis: a marked type of tadalafil.

Nonexclusive tadalafil.

Stendra: a marked type of avanafil.

We’ve just investigated the distinction between sildenafil, tadalafil and avanafil, however shouldn’t something be said about the choice between marked or conventional? For instance, Viagra or sildenafil?

So, it’s expense and praise.

Marked models are commonly harder on the pocket than their nonexclusive partners and accompany brand mindfulness. Inside, the pills are the equivalent and are similarly as proficient.

Measurement and Subscription Options

Maybe the main disadvantage of this administration is the absence of straightforwardness in membership bundles and portions.

Its website demonstrates that these factors are to be examined and properly chose by your online doctor. While this is praiseworthy and fitting, some model bundles would give helpful correlation data. Notwithstanding, the organization clarifies that you can choose between quarterly or month to month conveyances.

With your online record, you can rest, defer or totally drop your membership anytime. All things considered, the organization shows that, should you wish to roll out any improvements, you should give them at any rate 48 hours’ notification before your next conveyance is expected.

Five unique items: wide scope of erectile dysfunction arrangements.

The site sells a scope of men’s wellbeing items, including COVID-19 tests.

Decision of month to month or quarterly conveyances.


The online webpage needs straightforwardness: you have to start a request to discover data.

A few clients found that client administrations set aside a long effort to react to questions.

Roman Vs Hims

Roman, as Hims, offers a membership administration for some men’s wellbeing drugs. Subsequent to entering your own data on the site, an authorized medical services proficient will contact you inside 24 hours with a customized treatment plan. From that point, you can buy physician recommended prescription, conveyed to your entryway inside 2 days.

Roman flaunts a group involved Men’s Health specialists, for example, Dr. Seth Cohen, Head of Men’s Health for the NYU Division of Sexual Medicine and Reconstruction.

Roman likewise offers treatment plans for an assortment of wellbeing worries, from ED to an augmented prostate. They even have treatment intends to assist you with stopping smoking. (Psst, on the off chance that you are a smoker, your odds of encountering ED are higher than if you are most certainly not).

On the off chance that the inquiry is Hims versus Romans, you may consider that Roman offers maybe a more complete treatment base – and might be more qualified for a more established group that doesn’t reverberate as vigorously with the more millennial feel of Hims. In a general sense, however, the administrations offered are fundamentally the same as.

Estimating for Roman’s Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

A Roman membership is charged quarterly. Additionally like Hims, Roman offers a nonexclusive brand of Viagra just as the name brand. The most widely recognized, a 60mg portion of Sildenafil costs $6, contrasted with $70 for Viagra for a 50mg portion.

For Cialis medicine, an every day portion of 2.5/5mg can be bought for $13, or $390 every month. Tadalafil, a nonexclusive variant of Cialis is accessible for $8, or $240 every month.

Hims vs Roman Vs BlueChew

If at any time an organization thought outside the box in erectile dysfunction treatments, it’s BlueChew.

Established in 2012, it’s changed the men’s wellbeing market by acquainting chewable treatments with address not exactly unbending ramrods.

So, no more tablets.

While having erectile dysfunction is extraordinarily normal and, hence, nothing to be embarrassed about, you barely need to yell to the world that your Johson is fizzling.

The excellence of BlueChew is that it gives an exceptionally prudent strategy for increasing a strong faux pas. Basically pop one of these sweets enhanced treatments in your mouth, and bite.

Let’s be honest, in case you’re getting along with a young lady, and you think sex is on the cards. It could seem somewhat pompous in the event that you whip out your rankle pack of Viagra.

With BlueChew, you essentially bite an honest sweet.

Moreover, these will speak to those folks who experience difficulty gulping tablets, which implies they don’t have to source a glass of water. Numerous clients demonstrate that BlueChew demonstrations quicker than pills, as the dynamic fixings are ingested quickly through the gums.

BlueChew Product Choices

The ethos behind BlueChew is straightforwardness.

It offers only two treatment decisions—sildenafil and tadalafil—so there’s no disarray with blending them in with Viagra or Cialis:

Need enduring, all-day status? Pick tadalafil.

Then again, on the off chance that you like to burn-through your chewable preceding intercourse, go for sildenafil.

BlueChew Dosage and Subscriptions

As far as I might be concerned, probably the biggest allure of BlueChew is the selection of alternatives. Contingent upon the recurrence of your sexual coexistence, you can choose a portion and volume to coordinate. At present, they offer:

Sildenafil BlueChew 30 mg

Dynamic arrangement: 6 bites.

Occupied arrangement: 10 bites.

Well known arrangement: 17 bites

Expert arrangement: 34 bites.

Tadalafil BlueChew 6 mg

Dynamic arrangement: 4 bites.

Occupied arrangement: 7 bites.

Well known arrangement: 14 bites. (This arrangement turned my sexual coexistence around!)

Expert arrangement: 28 bites.

Whenever you’ve finished your online survey, you’ll get your picked plan month to month. Whenever, you can drop or require to briefly wait your remedy—with no expense or punishment.

Moreover, the producer shows that it’ll convey these chewables to your entryway in plain bundling. Your postal worker won’t realize you’re accepting erectile dysfunction treatments!

BlueChew Additional Information

Not exclusively is BlueChew prudent, simple to take and one of the most seriously valued erection pill brands available, it additionally has the advantage of:

A 30-day unconditional promise in case you’re discontent with the item.

The organization clings to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996), which directs that lone guaranteed clinical specialists managing your online record can get to your private wellbeing data.

Vows to take care of your application inside 24 hours.

Straightforward decision: sildenafil or tadalafil.

Appropriate for those folks who can’t take tablets.


Quick ingestion.

Conveyed in plain bundling.

Wide decision of membership alternatives.

Can’t buy marked items.

Other Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

Common Remedies

While numerous destinations will profess to have normal or homeopathic solutions for erectile dysfunction, it is imperative to be extremely cautious with these treatments. You ought to consistently talk with a specialist prior to starting a treatment plan that isn’t FDA endorsed. The accompanying should be taken as proposals and not all inclusive arrangements or treatments for ED.

Kegel Exercises

Albeit for the most part connected with females, kegel activities can enable both to forestall and treat erectile dysfunction in men. By connecting with the muscles of the pelvic floor, you can help keep up solid blood stream to the penis. You can do these activities by halting pee mid-stream or by connecting with the pelvic floor muscles while you are situated or setting down. Rehash these activities 10-20 times every day for best outcomes.


Albeit not really a cure, avoidance is the best protection against ED. You can forestall (or if nothing else diminish the probability of) ED by guaranteeing solid way of life propensities, abstaining from smoking cigarettes and practicing consistently. Cardiovascular related issues are the main source of ED, so keeping your heart sound will guarantee that your cozy minutes are not influenced by erectile dysfunction.

Roman vs Hims v BlueChew Conclusion

At the point when your masculinity isn’t as firm and durable as you’d like, sex either goes downhill or gets non-existent.

For quite a long time, folks have been buying illicit or counterfeit treatments on the web.

However, no more.

With these retailers, the regular person would now be able to acquire medicine grade arrangements—without having a humiliating discussion with their doctor.

What’s more, while they’re totally invited, BlueChew remains over the rest.

A cautious chewable pill, accessible as one or the other sildenafil or tadalafil, you realize you’re acquiring an experimentally demonstrated arrangement.

Additionally, conveyed in plain-bundling, a straightforward online poll for your remedy, and a plenty of membership alternatives imply that it’s the most bespoke and financial plan benevolent of the relative multitude of online retailers.

Along these lines, don’t experience the ill effects of a floppy phallus—step up and look at BlueChew.